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Mark Baldwin

As an experienced DIY-er and car enthusiast, I love horsepower and that all-American “can do” spirit. It’s why I’m so passionate about doing things myself—including rebuilding and maintaining my own Mustang.

DIY Garage

Where it all began

Not all of us have the space or the tools we need to work on our cars. When I moved from Connecticut to Northern Virginia, I didn’t have my own garage. I did have a vigilant Homeowners Association that frowned on driveway “auto shop.” That’s how the idea for DIY Garage was born: a space that gives car nuts the space, tools and skills to work on our cars ourselves.

I’m proud of what DIY Garage offers. I’m also proud that the DIY Garage team cares as much about community as we do about cars. Our members can work on vehicles or just hang out to watch a ball game and talk “car.” In addition to the camaraderie inside our facility, DIY Garage is always reaching out to forge mutually beneficial alliances with auto shops, school shops, clubs and race venues and add value for members and the local community.

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