Five DIY Auto Project Types

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On Your Marks Get Set…

Ever find yourself in the middle of a DIY project (more specifically an Automotive DIY job) and wish you had the perfect toolset?  Well the DIY Garage Co. is pleased to share that we have all the right tools and equipment to knock out your regular automotive maintenance, repairs, mods and DIY rebuilds.

For car, truck and cycle enthusiasts of all levels, we offer a clean and safe environment to take care of projects of all sorts.  Below are five project types that most members would undertake – now they can do it without spills in their driveway, looks from the HOA officers, or breaking what you thought you fixed.

Project Type 1 – Brake Pads & Rotors

Simple and safe.  That is what we think when it comes to doing a brake job at DIY Garage Co.  Using pneumatic tools, hydraulic lift and perfect lighting you can learn, teach and complete a full brake job.  A great project for newbies to learn to DIY on, of course, you will have access to certified mechanics, not to mention your fellow members.

Project Type 2 – Tire Mounts & Rotation

One project that is too easy to put off, even if you are hiring a shop to knock it out.  Leaning back on having the proper tools and equipment – rolling tires to now position will extend the life of the tire and make for safer driving.  New rims, new tires – get it mounted and balanced on your own – you can even have your tires shipped directly to the DIY Garage.

Project Type 3 – Body Works

Dents, dings, and scratches are a bummer and few of us have a garage equipped to handle if the easiest of bodywork.  The team at DIY Garage can help you learn and even master the art of bodywork.  The challenge of using fillers, paint, and finishers makes for a potential mess – with spills and fumes it can overwhelm.  Rest easy and schedule time on at the paint room to confidently restore your vehicle’s body.

Project Type 4 – Mods

Tires, brakes, air intakes and computer chip upgrades – all modifications that can enhance the performance of your ride.  Sure some of these projects can be done on your sidewalk – but what about the weather, your neighbors?  The DIY Garage Co has a membership level for the quick one-off projects and the tools and space to bolt-on your mod.  You’ll also benefit from the open membership groups that rally around performance.

for the quick one-off projects and the tools and space to bolt-on your mod.  You’ll also benefit from the open membership groups that rally around performance.

Project Type 5 – Tune-ups

Not too long ago, with a straight 6 engine, you could change spark plugs, and new wiring and filters in a quick turn.  Today’s high-performance computer-driven engines (no matter the model type) require a depth a deeper level of understanding and know-how.  Lean on our ASE Certified mechanics to do the project right from the start and gain the satisfaction of having done the job yourself – maybe even teaching a child along the way.

…GO!  With DIY Garage

The DIY Garage Co. has space, tools, and equipment to help you tackle most automotive projects you can think of tackling.  We are a membership-based garage for auto enthusiasts to join together and help drive knowledge and know-how to the next level.  Come and join us – we’ve got the right membership level just right for you.