Remaking Automotive DIY

Image of DIY Auto Maintenance

A New Way to DIY

The group at DIY Garage Co. is excited to offer the Northern VA region with a full-service automotive DIY space.  In the post, we will share some of the features available to members. 

Similar to a Maker Movement, our local variety Makersmiths with locations in Leesburg and Purcellville, VA, offers DIY technologists, artists and curious inventors with space, fellowship, tools and a community of interested marker experts gathering to support one another.  The DIY Garage Co. offers those community traits for automotive enthusiasts (cars, trucks, and cycles). 

So let’s break it down into parts.


The DIY Garage facility will cover nearly 50,000 square feet of clean well lite space with 20 bays with varying levels of capacity to meet even the biggest challenges. 

Tools & Equipment

Most folks simply don’t want to invest in the equipment and tools needed to accomplish even routine maintenance on a vehicle.  Think of the maintenance and repairs you might manage yourself.

  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Mounting and Balancing
  • Body Work
  • Heavy Lift Engine Repairs
  • Tune-ups


Some of the best resources available for automotive DIYers are the auto parts shop, YouTube, and friends who have knowledge.  Imagine rolling all those features up into one location.  It is a benefit of being a member of the DIY Garage Co.  Beyond WIFI and meeting space, we offer an all-wheel-drive Dynamometer with a viewing room. 

Diagnostic tools will help all levels of members discover, diagnose and repair even the most challenging repair jobs.


Knowledge is golden.  Learning while working is essential for most to retain a skill set.  At the DIY Garage, you will have access to the support of fellow member’s experience and the skills of certified ASE mechanics.

Again, the support offerings will be geared to the membership level which best fits your level of enthusiasm.  Think about the next time you want to pass on knowledge and passion for all things automotive.  The DIY Garage provides the perfect place to learn and teach the next generation – no matter what type of vehicle you roll in – old school muscle or new electrics.  You’ve got the perfect place to figure it out and get it done.

More Space

Beyond the 20 bay garage space with all the right tools and equipment – we will offer an AutoSpa for indoor cleaning and detailing.  An indoor storage locker for works-in-progress or a safe convenient place to store your warm weather cruiser, that means hard top cover storage for Jeeps. 

Stay Tuned

The DIY Garage Co. is growing and poised to remake the automotive DIY space – starting in Loudoun County, VA.  Check out our first Giveaway a new Torch Red C8 Corvette.