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Air tools and compressors, lifts, engine hoists, a tire changer and balancer, transmission jack, heavy-duty electrical outlets and complete tool sets, including Master Mechanic sets.


High-speed WiFi, Diagnostic Tools, All Wheel Drive Dynamometer, online auto manuals, and more.

Drive-in DIY Bays

25 open and service bays equipped with tools and equipment for novice, medium or advanced projects.

In-house Experts

Members have access to ASE-certified mechanics plus staff to advise you and walk you through even advanced DIY projects and provide an extra hand.


DIY Garage’s customizable “Auto Condos” store Jeep and other hard-tops, priceless antiques and collectible autos and winter storage for muscle cars. And, we’ll set your car up in a bay whenever you’re ready to work on it. Once you’re done and the weather’s right, take your ride out of storage and hit the road with it looking great and performing even better.

Events & Classes

Build your skills with DIY Garage classes and help from certified mechanics. From working on brakes or bolt-ons to dealing with your car’s advanced systems, our classes help you enjoy the satisfaction of taking care of your vehicle even better than taking it to a full-service garage.

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